Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a well-known procedure for infertility treatment basically a type of artificial insemination. In this procedure sperms directly placed in women’s uterus. The main motive of Intrauterine Insemination is to increase the number of sperms to swim into the fallopian tube so that chances of fertilization get increased and the turned out to be a normal pregnancy. In medical terms, Intrauterine Insemination is a treatment, the sperm sample is washed and concentrated, then placed in a transfer catheter. This catheter is then inserted through the cervix and the sperm are injected. The sperm is then able to swim up to the fallopian tubes where they may fertilize the egg.

IUI Treatment generally coordinated with normal menstruation cycle of women and medications. Earlier, in this treatment sperms were placed into the vagina but it was not successful but with the time it has become one of the famous fertility treatment methods.

  Targeted Audience or who should go for this procedure- This treatment is a blessing to that couple who are suffering from infertility problem. Intrauterine insemination treatment is used to increases the sperm count also if there is a decrease or slow sperm mobility. Below cases, treatment is a must-

  • When women need to get pregnant with the help of donor sperm.
  • When there is unexplained infertility case then IUI really helps.
  • Women who have endometriosis disorder may go for this treatment to obtain a fine quality egg and sperms to get pregnant.
  • If a male is suffering from the sub-fertility issue at that time IUI is required to overcome from low-quality sperm, improves sperm size, quality and quantity and increases the mobility power of sperms.
  • A woman who has any issues with cervical infertility she may go for IUI Treatment.
  • Ejaculation dysfunction

IUI treatment is not recommended in below cases-

  • If women have any disease in the fallopian tube
  • If women are suffering from any kind of pelvic infection

Advantages of IUI-

  • It is an effective treatment method for those who are suffering from infertility.
  • IUI Treatment is less invasive than IVF treatment.
  • This IUI method is less expensive than IVF treatment.
  • It addresses the more problematic and issues related to infertility such as sperm issues and cervical related problems.
  • It is a simple and easy procedure than other fertility treatment.
  • Intrauterine insemination treatment is the safe and less complicated procedure.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of IUI-

Women may face some spotting issue from vagina bleeding.

  • Women might get affected by several infections in the uterus.
  • Because this treatment increases in a number of sperms hence there may be chances of multiple pregnancies which has involved higher risk than a normal pregnancy.
  • This treatment method is not for all kind of infertility issue.

Success rate and conclusion- If you are looking to be pregnant than IUI treatment is a better option. If this treatment is taken on a regular basis then the chances increased to get pregnant naturally with a great success rate.