An ovarian cyst is very common these days and many women face these issues and there is a surgical treatment available to get rid of completely and remove the cyst.

An ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid, surrounded by a very thin wall, within an ovary. Any ovarian follicle that is larger than about two centimetres is termed an ovarian cyst. An ovarian cyst can be as small as a pea, or larger than an orange.

Most ovarian cysts are functional in nature and harmless (benign). In the US, ovarian cysts are found in nearly all premenopausal women, and in up to 14.8% of postmenopausal women. Ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. They occur most often, however, during a woman’s childbearing years.

Some ovarian cysts cause problems, such as bleeding and pain. Surgery may be required to remove cysts larger than 5 centimetres in diameter.

There are basically three techniques which may remove ovarian cyst completely-

  1. lap ovarian cyst treatment
  2. ovarian cyst surgery
  3. laparoscopic surgery

Targeted Audience or who go should for this procedure- A women who is suffering from ovary cancer also women are going through menopause may face ovary cyst issue. A woman who is struggling to get pregnant she needs to go for an ultrasound test and may get to know to confirm about ovary cyst. They may be advised to go for surgery which depends-

  • Cyst size and appearance
  • If a woman has ovarian cancer
  • Any symptom or regular pain in the ovary


  • This is a great option for any couple to have a baby.
  • It is the initial step to make women body completely ready to conceive.
  • No hospital stay is there and the patient may get released after the surgery done.
  • All three methods are very beneficial and less expensive.
  • Laparoscopic surgery is less painful and has fast recovery within a week they can recover.
  • Few months need to wait, the cyst may disappear without any treatment if not then surgery is needed like lap ovarian cyst treatment, ovarian cyst surgery, laparoscopic surgery
  • It is not an expensive treatment than other methods.
  • It has a quicker recovery time.

Disadvantages and Side Effects-

  • A woman may feel pain for a week or days and sometimes it takes a maximum of six weeks to complete recovery.
  • It is required stitches which may be dissolved.
  • Sometimes in case of serious surgery women need to stay for long in hospital.
  • A woman may feel heavy bleeding after surgery.
  • Vaginal discharge may be there after surgery.
  • A woman may feel swelling in the abdomen.

Success rate and conclusion-

This is not a very serious issue and any woman may get a cyst in the ovary. There are so many techniques lap ovarian cyst treatment, ovarian cyst surgery, laparoscopic surgery which may easily remove the cyst. It has a good success rate and helps in women to get pregnant and they can go for further fertility treatment like IUI and IVF as per their doctors.