Ovulation Induction (OI) is better known as a procedure which increases the production or helpful in releasing the completely matured eggs from ovaries. If your blood work and ultrasounds look normal, the next step is ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs. Depending on your treatment protocol, this may mean anywhere from one to four shots every day, for about a week to 10 days. (Ouch.)

You’ll probably be a pro at self-injection by now, as Lupride and other GnRH agonists are also injectables. Your clinic should teach you how to give yourself the injections, of course, before or when your treatment begins. Some clinics offer classes with tips and instruction. Don’t worry, they won’t just hand you the syringe and hope for the best.

During ovarian stimulation, your doctor will monitor the growth and development of the follicles. At first, this may include blood work every few days, to monitor your estradiol levels, and ultrasounds, to monitor the oocyte growth. Monitoring the cycle is important, as it helps your doctor decide whether or not the medications need to be increased or decreased in dosage.

Once your largest follicle is 16 to 18mm in size, your clinic will probably want to see you daily.

Targeted Audience or who should go for this procedure- Ovulation Induction is best for those women who are unable to produce healthy and fully matured eggs on a regular basis. The woman who is struggling to get pregnant and having irregular period can take benefit from OI.


Ovulation Induction is a very effective technique to have a baby.

  • This process can help the woman who is unable to produce a healthy egg.
  • This offers high chances to get pregnant.
  • This procedure increases the chances of multiple pregnancies.
  • It is helpful to get a regular period.
  • This treatment method is easy and safe in use.

Disadvantages and Side Effects-

OI treatment only works for specific women and not meant for all.

  • This method involves complex risks.
  • Women need to inform about the complications of OI before starting the treatment.
  • This treatment requires lots of monitoring.

Success rate and conclusion-

There are many kinds of medications used to stimulate the ovaries and helps in releasing a healthy egg to have a baby naturally. These medications are better known as “fertility drugs”. This really works well for the non-menopausal women who are struggling to conceive and have a baby. The success rate of this method is quite successful and very effective to get pregnant in a natural way. It is helpful for the woman to achieve pregnancy with Ovulation Induction. Women with irregular period may seek OI treatment for fertility. The most common medication is used for treatment is clomifene citrate. Even OI is used in IVF treatment to make this treatment method more successful and indirectly resulting in ovulation and have a child. The success ratio is enough positive and women all over the world taking benefits from OI and becoming pregnant.