Do you know that for healthy testicles, it is as simple as keeping your lifestyle active and healthy? If something is good for your heart and brain or for your longevity, it is probably good for your testicles also. There is one thing to note that things that are good for us can prove to be bad if we have it too much or too less. So as the old saying goes, anything we do should be done in moderation for a balanced state of living. This is especially true with male fertility which involves a very delicate balance of hormones and proteins to create healthy sperm so you can have children. Thanks to the scientists in this field, we now have some proven ways that any man can improve his fertility.

So let’s look at the basics first -the foremost thing to keep in mind is that one needs to keep their genitals away from heat. So, it’s best to not to use hot tubs, not take very hot baths, hot saunas or jacuzzis etc. Also, as we commonly keep seeing, many people keep their laptops in their laps and work. This is not good for the sperm health. Likewise, keeping cell phones away from your front pockets is also important thing to remember. If you take testosterone replacement, it significantly reduces sperm count. If you are on certain prescription drugs, check with your doctor if they have the tendency to hurt the sperm health or diminish its count.

Do you smoke while wanting to get better at fertility? Think again! Just as being like a couch potato is harmful to us, so is smoking, drinking and not watching what we are eating. All these are harmful to our health and hence harmful to being fertile. The sooner you cut back on them and jump start working on your better health, the sooner your fertility will improve.

You should try to eat all natural rather than store bought and packet foods that contain lots of preservatives. Eating natural helps you in building stamina and hence there will be less need for using supplements or medicines. But if using supplements becomes inevitable, then you should first check with your doctor to seewhich ones you need and in what dosage. Gaining knowledge of what you are using is very important in understanding your body and health. Many supplements can actually be dangerous with fertility. For example, you can try using vitamin C which is a water-soluble vitamin and does wonders to improving sperm health and immunity.

Try vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant and works very well with vitamin C to scavenge up dangerous high energy particles. It also helps in boosting sperm quality.

Check with your doctor to see if you can use these below items for better fertility, as per your medical history :
– Co Enzyme Q 10, is necessary for all cells to function well. It has been shown to improve sperm counts and motility.
– Zinc is an essential mineral that can help sperm count and increase pregnancy rates.
– Selenium is a trace mineral found in the body that can fight oxidative damage on cells and improve fertility and general health.
– Greentea has many healthy ingredients that can boost fertility. It is important to drink green tea at least once a day.
– Red grapes, red grape juice and red wine have high contents of resveratrol. This has also been proved to be a powerful anti-oxidant that can improve sperm quality.
– Vitamin D deficiency in males can account to be another factor to reduce sperm count and motility and hence reduced pregnancy rates. Be careful as excess vitamin D can also be harmful.
– Fish Oil plays a vital role in providing key nutrients for sperm health and for fertility. For better absorption, its best to get it from cold water fish (like salmon) instead of supplements.