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Show yourselves
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Vijay Srishti is a wing of Vijay Hospital initiated by Dr. Rekha to expand the devotion and dedication in providing exclusive Maternity care.
Vijay Srishti fertility since its inception has brought the happiness of parenting experience.

Parenthood is nature’s most beautiful experience. This is why we at Vijay Srishti Fertility Center understands your eagerness to become one. Fertility treatments tend to be stressful. To address this, we offer a holistic approach and try to make your journey towards parenthood simple, hassle-free and safe!

Our goal is the same as yours. To make you proud, happy parents and our impressive success rate is an added reassure for every couple in need.

Our Services

IVF Treatment in Hosur

IVF Treatment is better known as In Vitro Fertilization treatment. It is one of the complex procedures of fertilization treatment ...Read More

iui treatment in hosur

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a well known procedure for infertility treatment basically a type of artificial insemination...Read More

ICSI Treatment in Hosur

ICSI is performed by directly injection of sperms into egg to make fertilize treatment more successful.This is used in IVF treatment...Read More

Why Choose Vijay Srishti

Vijay Srishti gives you access to the best minds in fertility treatment as well as the latest technology in reproductive medicine. The fertility experts at Vijay Srishti deliver the highest success rates for patients.​
  • Comprehensive Range of Fertility Treatments
  • Low Cost IVF Options
  • Special Blend of Medical Expertise, Advanced Technology and Compassion
  • Consistent Success Rates for our treatments
  • Relaxed Environment with friendly staff


Patient's Testimonials

I would like to recommend on my personal experience with Dr. Rekha as she is very professional, positive and approachable. my wife had a very smooth normal delivery and wonderful pregnancy experience under her support and supervision. The hospital has got the great ambiance and is also very neat and clean with very good staff end to end.


One of my friends suggested me to Dr. Rekha. Initially, i was nervous as i really had a bad experience with the previous doctor with whom i was consulting. After a couple of sessions with her i felt much better. Excellent Doctor. Very friendly. Thank You!


I hava consulted Dr Rekha for my second delivery and I should say I made a good decision. She never asked for more scans and also she never insisted that we should take test inside hospital only also she always say no worries in every visit which made me to gain more and more confidence and positivity.


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